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We are driven by the need to create a safe space and sense of community based on integrity, respect, accountability and compassion.


“After 30 years of volunteering and mentoring youth behind the scenes, I knew I needed to do more. In 2021, Teens Excelling Beyond Foundation was founded. I am a mother, a wife, and a lifetime caregiver. I am the adoptive and biological mom of six boys, one girl, and fostered many more. Additionally, I was a teen mom from North Tulsa who knows firsthand Tulsa’s great need to shift the mindset of our youth. Growing up, success seemed unattainable, and I did not believe I could change my situation. It wasn’t until I attended Margaret Hudson that I realized I was in control of my future, and yes, it is bright!

Once I graduated and gave birth to my son, I wanted to guide others to see the light. In 2021, Teens Excelling Beyond Foundation was founded. Teens Excelling Beyond is laser-focused on empowering teen girls to become future leaders. We meet the girls where they are, get to the root of their problems, and address trauma head-on. Then we work hard to foster personal growth and a sense of purpose.

With a background in psychology, I am passionate about understanding the complexities of the human mind and guiding our youth towards positive paths. I love this foundation, my village of life coaches, mentors and every single girl that walks through our doors. Together, we are creating opportunities to thrive. Thirty years ago, I decided I AM MORE. We need our girls to believe that too.”


We cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment for teen girls. We foster personal growth, leadership, resilience, and a sense of purpose. Through our mentorship programs, housing for homeless teen girls and community outreach we offer many resources to build the skills for a brighter future and a more positive society.


Every girl believes the one unshakable truth that I AM MORE.
A future where teen girls emerge as leaders empowered to break barriers, pursue their passions, and positively impact their
community. And, a community where diversity is celebrated,
voices are heard, and opportunities for growth thrive.


Lisa Samilton


Lisa Samilton

Every cent counts. I ensure every dollar and donation this foundation receives is used in the best possible way to support the girls.

Cathyrn Gibbs, esq


Cathyrn Gibbs, esq

It’s magic when a personal vision aligns with an organizations. At TEB, I wear many hats. Most of my work happens behind the scenes.

Schnea Nealy

Vice chairman

Schnea Nealy

I am passionate about making a difference in teens’ lives. When we come together, we can achieve anything we want.

Kymberly Vaughn

Curriculum Developer

Kymberly Vaughn

I am an Associate Professor of Child Development and Education, consultant, speaker & more. I put my heart into our mentorship program for the girls.

Yadi Farmer

Mentorship Program Coordinator


Our youth need us! I’m here to help our teen girls with the skills, resources, love, and support they need to succeed. They are our future!

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