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Help us reach our goal today!
Goal $150,000.00
$20,000 13%


Thank you for being part of our mission! If you don’t see something that interests you but
still want to get involved, please reach out using the ‘Contact Us’ form below.


Become a mentor and share your skills and life experiences to help mentees navigate through challenges and achieve all their goals. Mentorship is a rewarding experience that offers the unique opportunity to make a lasting positive impact on a teen girl’s life.


Become a volunteer and have the opportunity to wear many hats. We are always looking for volunteers to help support our events. Have a different idea for how you would like to volunteer? We welcome your ideas with open arms!


We are always seeking guest speakers to share  their experiences at our ‘I AM MORE’ events. Telling personal stories and sharing life skills  will inspire growth, resilience and personal  development.


Your sponsorship will help provide critical support and services to our teen girls. There are a variety of sponsorship levels available, each with its own benefits. We looking  forward to discussing those options with you.


We are a non-profit organization that is always seeking outside support.

Your donation will allow us to provide supply, care and provisions throughout all our programs.


More interested in donating goods and supplies? We have an Amazon Wishlist for our essential items. These supplies will make a huge difference in the girls’ lives and their day to-day living at the House of Hope.

Looking for employment opportunities at the House of Hope?

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