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All of our programs are centered around cultivating a supportive and inclusive environment for teen girls.


Teens Excelling Beyond provides safe housing for homeless teen girls. Our primary focus is to offer a safe haven and a solid foundation to ensure each teen has the space they need to grow. Our secondary focus is to promote independence amongst the residents so they can strive towards becoming their best selves.

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Our mentorship program is a great way to become more involved with our foundation. Mentors share their skills and life experiences with mentees to guide them through challenges, support their goals and build their self-esteem. Our mentees get to connect with others, develop new skills and unleash their full potential. That’s a win-win!

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Every month we host an event centered around shifting mindsets. Our event topics range from the importance of self care, like the ‘Annual Pamper Me’ Event, to using art to deal with emotions, like ‘Painting with a Purpose through Art Therapy’. No matter what the topic is, the girls leave the room with a new tool to create positive change.

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