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What We Offer:


Teens Excelling Beyond will provide housing with a family atmosphere. Our primary focus will shifting mindsets by pouring into these young ladies one teen girl at a time.

Therapy will be the initial beginning of breaking the chain of poverty. We will provide a positive thriving environment, by teaching the girls method of positive change. We will also provide resources for a life coach.
We offer a safe haven and solid foundation to ensure that each teen has the tools needed to grow at their full capacity. Teens Excelling Beyond will facilitate workshops and individualized and group mentorship programs based on the needs of the teens. Workshop will address physical, mental, financial and educational wants/needs to help empower and guide the teens to their fullest potential. We extend help by offering many services to empower female teens. Our primary focus is to shift mindsets.



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Teens Excelling Beyond offers a personal, family-style, and home-like atmosphere. Our home provides each resident a bed; each bedroom houses two residents per room.  Shared common areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and living area. 


We promote social interaction with the group with family-style dining which are conducted in the common areas. We believe responsibilities build character and are shared amongst each resident. Some of the shared responsibilities will be cooking, cleaning, and occasionally shopping for household items.

This helps promote independence amongst the residents. We believe this living lifestyle in this type of environment will allow the young ladies to strive and work toward being healthier individuals.

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Teens Excelling Beyond ensures all females  have recurring counseling sessions based on their needs. Each individual is provided with a customized plan to help guide them through their trauma. ​

Counseling services  helps improve their quality of life, increase their independence, and helping them to become better versions of themselves. Group counseling helps young teens to understand that they are not alone in life’s struggle.


Teens Excelling Beyond believes that education is a valuable asset to the success of female teens. Each teen is required to attend an educational program or obtain a GED. Based on the teens learning style, we offer home base schooling or other forms of alternative education. Transportation is provided for teens choosing to attend school outside the confines of the foundation.


We provide each teen with:

  • School supplies 

  • Laptop/tablet 

  • On-site tutors and weekly tutoring sessions 

  • Assistance with college applications 

  • Assistance with finding scholarships 

  • Assistance with qualifying for Oklahoma Promise and Tulsa Achieves 

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